SAEZ Training Courses  

The SAEZ training courses are the pillar on which our work is based, and an essential undertaking as a modern manufacturer of construction cranes.

SAEZ cranes currently provides training courses in six different languages, to mechanics, technicians and engineers from more than 30 countries.

As part of our facilities, we have a technological research centre, where our engineers provide specialized training and courses for professionals in the sector. This centre includes an exhibition area and tower crane testing yard.


The SAEZ logistics department is responsible for the personalized tracking of all shipments abroad, guaranteeing a fast delivery that meets the demands of our customers. Crane shipments are continuously controlled from the moment of loading until the customer receives the goods satisfactorily. 

Technical service

Our technical and after-sales departments respond immediately to any customer-request to ensure a consistently excellent customer-response time, arguably unmatched in the industry.

We are fortunate to be able to count on the services of the best parcel companies, dispatching to any country, in any language. We are ready to meet the needs of a globalized world.


The quality of our products and the warranty period serve as an all-round endorsement of safety.

Our centralised services in Murcia offer a specialized technical assistance, servicing any part of the world. The mechanics and assemblers working for our distributors have been trained in our facilities in Spain, acquiring all the knowledge and skill that our brand requires.

At SAEZ cranes we have thousands of our cranes around the world, from the deserts of Africa to the snowy peaks of the Alpine ridge, through to the jungles of Colombia or cities like Paris, London, Hong Kong or Sydney. To guarantee a global after-sales service that meets the requirements of the sector, SAEZ cranes uses the best technicians for its after-sales service:

  • Technical service in 6 different languages (Spanish, English, French, Italian, Russian and Ukrainian).
  • The engineers who designed and built your crane are at your service to solve your technical doubts and guide you in solving problems quickly and directly.
  • A maximum response time of 24 hours to send conventional spare parts.
  • The possibility of receiving courses on maintenance, troubleshooting and the set-up of our cranes.
  • Tele assistance is available on almost all crane models, using SIM cards that can be installed in the new Schneider visual cabin displays.


With SAEZ cranes your technicians and your crane will have all the support they need!