Saez Group

More than 30 years have passed since the construction of the first SAEZ crane. Since then, our company has established its name both in Spain and abroad.

The SAEZ hallmark is the ability to innovate, and the desire to both continuously improve and overcome the most complex challenges. Our current crane models enjoy the benefits of our 30 years manufacturing history, and are equipped with the latest in technology and materials.

We are committed to creating stronger, safer and solidly reliable machines. Above all, our goal is to manufacture machines that genuinely offer simplicity in handling and play a part in improving efficiency in the workplace.

Almost all our self-erecting cranes and tower cranes are certified by the German-based TÜV, one of the most demanding “seal of quality” certifying bodies in the world.

Our production process meets the most important recognised quality standards, such as CE, ISO, IEC, DIN, FEM and UNE.


Our commitment is to continue creating even better, safer, and easier to use machinery… because efficiency and reliability is our main goal.

All our Self-erecting cranes and tower cranes are TÜV certified, one of the most thorough third party certifying companies in the world.


Our manufacturing process complies with the most important quality-related regulations such as CE, ISO, IEC, DN, FEM or UNE among others.