Horizontal systems

System 2000, System Support and H20 are the two available systems of horizontal formworks we currently produce.

System 2000

Simplicity and adaptability

Recoverable formworks system for making slab formworks, unidirectional reinforced formworks, solid concrete slabs and recoverable cube.

The 2000 system only uses two basic elements: primary beams and secondary beams.

The main advantage of this system is that the secondary beams perform two tasks, one as an assembly element and a second one as a back clearing.

The elements have been designed for a comfortable removal.


Adaptability and basic elements

This is a clear and simple system, thanks to its easy assembling and reduced number of components.

This makes it easy to quickly get familiar with it.

Easy to adapt system to all kinds of formworks.

Primary and secondary beams are the same elements, which makes the material planning far easier.

Less struts and accessories improve the formwork working time. 

The most cost-effective solution. The H20 beam has a long lifetime, which represents a long term investment.

This workforms system can be used for flat slabs as well as for interactions between flat slabs and hanging beams.

This system can also be used for executing big formwork surfaces using pre-mounted tables.